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Neglecting your windows when they require repairs can lead to more serious problems further down the line. Whatever the problem might be, Glasgow Glass and Locks offer the most efficient window repairs in Glasgow.

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How to Maintain Double Glazed Windows

uPVC windows don’t require much maintenance, but to prevent problems from arising, you might want to give them some attention every now and then. Vacuum the tracks and rails of your windows in order to get rid of any debris. The frames themselves would benefit from being washed with hot, soapy water.

Try to limit the humidity in your home, as this will in turn limit the condensation on your windows. When it comes to the metal parts of your windows, you won’t need to be giving them regular attention. But light machine oil designed for the lubrication of hinges and locks may end up increasing the longevity of your windows.

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Glasgow Glass and Locks Ltd supplies high-quality windows, doors, locks, and hinges. We offer a wide range of Sheerframe windows, including traditional casement, fully reversible, tilt and turn, vertically sliding sashes, mock sashes, and pivots. Our windows come in various colours, as well as types of stained and patterned glass. We can provide windows of all styles and sizes. Whatever your preference, we can make it work.