For a while now, you have likely had double glazing Glasgow built in your home and have wondered exactly how it works and for those people who don’t have double glazing installed you are undoubtedly losing out on several wonderful advantages that double glazed windows have to offer to your home.

The all-important question of how double glazing and glass repairs work is not as simple as it may seem as double glazing consists of various different elements to create the final product.

What Is Double Glazing?

Double glazing is two window panes that are embedded with each other to create a solid efficient window. There is argon gas between the two windows that is used to keep warm air inside the property to avoid it from escaping. The second window pane serves as something of a noise shield, keeping your household calm and quiet.

Different types of energy ratings

Window energy ratings illustrate the energy efficiency a windowpane has by a decorative symbol developed by the BFRC.

Energy ratings come in the order of A,B and C; A being the most efficient double glazing and the best type on the market, B and C are also advantageous but can potentially lack the same quality of energy efficiency as the A energy rated.

Advantages of Double Pane Windows

Better Security

The improved protection and security in your house is one of the more evident advantages. Single glazed windows are extremely flimsy which means they are more likely to be broken into or unintentionally broken. The improved protection would be enough to discourage unwelcome invaders by adding double glazed windows.

In comparison, double glazing provides soundproofing and cancels a great deal of noise for better protection. So if you find yourself living in a busy area or along a major road, after implementing double glazing, you will find how calm and quiet your house immediately seems.

Efficient Energy

When double glazed windows are built, the energy efficiency of your homes will automatically improve as the heat has no way to escape, when previously, draughts enabled hot air to escape easily through single glazed windows, explaining why you could have potentially had to have your heating on during the day. After installing double glazing you will find the need for putting the heating system on will decrease and your house will get warmer easier.

Decrease In Energy Costs

Although the initial cost for double glazed windows to be incorporated into your home can be quite expensive, you can see the expense being paid back further down the line in the form of lowered energy costs due to the double glazed windows.

In exchange for your energy being more efficient you will start saving significant amounts of money with double glazing Glasgow windows and your electricity costs will be dramatically reduced compared to the use of single glazed windows.

Property Value Increase 

The addition of double glazed windows makes your house nicer and more convenient to live in.  Compared to a house with single glazed glass, this renders the house more appealing to prospective purchasers. If you ever feel you need to sell your home, you can be confident that you can get a better price than you would have with single glazing.