Occasionally when you are in your house out of nowhere you suddenly notice a breeze coming out of your window. Even when windows seem to be sealed on the surface, the seals sometimes can break ever so slightly without you even noticing which causes the draught. It’s not always readily apparent that your window seals are damaged which means it can be hard to determine what to do. In this blog today we are going to explain how to identify your window seals that have broken and the actions you should take to combat them.

How To Identify A Broken Window Seal

Breeze Coming From The Window

A broken window seal not only affects the look of your windows, it also affects their capacity to maintain the warmth in the property.  

The primary function of a window is to hold the cold air out. So if there are no noticeable holes in the window glass, a window that brings the cool air in is not fit for purpose and is a strong indication that the window seals have cracked.

Window Condensation

It allows the window to condensate as moisture and air gets stuck in the window panes and even if you wipe extremely hard the condensation won’t disappear. 

If the condensation is inside the window panes, this is an indication that you have damaged the window seals. In contrast, if the condensation is on the exterior of the glass, this is simply an indication that the windows are operating as they should, which is just part of the contrasting air temperature and glass temperature mechanism.

Glass Is Distorted

If, when you are looking through the glass and it seems unusually blurred from the outside or out of shape then this is a potential sign that it has damaged the window seals. 

Double glazed windows in the present day are separated by air openings and are then covered by a rubber elastic sealer. This is a unit of insulated glass known as (IGU).

For an IGU packed with inert gas, it helps the gas to spill out as the window seals crack. This will lead to the panes caving in or probably breaking, allowing the glass to distort.

Response To Window Seals Breaking

Repair The Cracks

If your wallets do not expand to a whole new frame, it is a safe choice to get the cracked window seals fixed. 

Although the window’s insulating capability will not be entirely repaired, repairing the cracked window seals is far cheaper than removing the whole window.

Replace Entire Window

As stated earlier, removing the whole current window and replacing it with a new one is the most costly choice but it is the most reliable and long term way of making sure the windows insulating capacity isn’t weakened. 

It is important to select a trustworthy installation specialist when you have a new one installed to reduce the likelihood of the problem occuring again. 

One of the most frequent causes of a cracked window seal is a defective fitted window. Don’t gamble on quality, it is always an issue further down the line for those who go for the cheaper option.

Warranty Check

When buying a new window, protection first is the safest path to take. Be sure your new window is secured by a warranty, so you are safe if any issues occur. 

Check the warranty if your window seal cracks, and if you are still eligible, call the warranty and your window can be patched or fixed, free of charge.

Clear The Fog On Your Window

It may be a temporary workaround to resolve the disruption to the nature of your window by defogging your window. 

Defogging is a comparatively recent service that some window construction businesses offer. In order to minimise condensation, a small hole is bored into the outer glass pane and an agent solvent is filled between the glass panes. 

The window seal is not restored by this method and it is always damaged. It is also probable that the windshield will be foggy again.