You may need to stay in your house until someone can come out to fix your door so you don’t have to leave the house unattended and you will need to be trapped in your home if the broken lock hinders the door from opening, particularly if you can’t get a locksmith for lock repairs Glasgow.

When your front or back doors’ uPVC lock mechanism isn’t working correctly, it can be extremely frightening knowing your door may not be locked overnight or when you aren’t in your house.

Throughout this blog, we will be explaining the simple methods you can use to fix your uPVC lock repairs Glasgow if something goes wrong.

Gearbox Broke

An integral part of the uPVC lock repairs Glasgow located in the door is the gearbox. To repair or restore this can be very difficult as it essentially varies depending on the model of door and vendor. 

You would need to search the company’s logo to find the maker. Usually, this is seen on the lock or door itself.  If you are unable to locate the logo on the lock or door then another option would be to ask the installer of your door who manufactured it.

Putting the key in the door and spinning it like you usually will is the way to figure out whether it is really a defective or damaged gearbox. If you hear a grinding sound that indicates that the barrel is probably not the problem and is good, the gearbox will be more than likely the concern.

Door Handle Faulty

Look at the door handle itself and gauge whether it feels oddly loose.  Maybe the dilemma is easier to solve than you would have thought at the outset. 

To repair this the ‘barrel’ portion of your uPVC lock mechanism needs to be identified. This can be seen where the indent is for your key. 

What you have to do is locate and adjust the screw that keeps the barrel of the lock-in position. This will secure the faulty door handle and your uPVC door can lock properly and function again if managed properly with no problem.

Doors May Need Replaced

You must pull the old gearbox out to substitute the new one when you have found that the gearbox is the problem. This can be a difficult job for someone who doesn’t have an idea of how to do it.  

The latest gearbox in your door can be conveniently repaired by a locksmith. Yet it all builds up in a way that it may be very expensive to purchase a new gearbox, employ an electrician and pay labour fees.

After deliberation, you might just want to try substituting a completely new front or back door for your existing door. 

It’s generally down to the fact that you have an old door that needs to be changed, specifically if your uPVC door lock system is faulty. 

New doors come with the newest innovations in the locking system and operate at a high degree and you are undoubtedly not likely to be stuck in or out of your house in the near future with the advances in locking.

In addition, since the door is going to be brand new, so will the bolt. Due to harsh wear and tear, locks degrade over time, particularly if you have had your door for a long period of time.