Working from home in 2020 has become the norm due to the global pandemic. With several organisations working from home to continue to operate throughout lockdown, that’s down to requirement. Comfortability is key when operating from home and secondary glazing can provide this. Although it seems that working remotely might be here to remain when lockdown restrictions are relaxed. 

This is why maintaining a relaxed working atmosphere at home is even more critical than ever. We’ll discuss in this blog how secondary glazing will enable you to do just that.

Growth In Working Remotely

Although remotely working has been gradually growing for the last ten years or so, throughout the coronavirus pandemic, there is no debating its significant growth in 2020. Analysis showed that a whopping 60 percent of adults were operating remotely by April when the amount of new UK cases reached its height.

Although it was forced upon us, it caused the advantages of operating from home to be discovered by both employers and employees. Staff members no longer have had to travel to and from the workplace, reducing their commute and saving them expenses.  

The spare time has created a stronger work-life balance, enhanced in certain instances by the more versatile working hours strategy that encourages individuals to manage other responsibilities along with work.

How To Create A Comfortable Environment

Stay Warm

Staying warm is a challenge with working remotely. When you first wake up and before you go to bed, we’re both acquainted with warming up. This can extend long until spring and also into summer in Britain, where temperatures seldom venture above 20.

Working from home, most of us noticed during the day that our homes were just as freezing. For efficiency, sitting in the cold is not the perfect environment. However, leaving the heating on throughout the day is going to ramp up your energy bill.

Insulating your house is an effective way to solve this problem. By doing this your home will naturally maintain more heat meaning you will not need to put the heating on as much, resulting in a comfortable environment to work. as well as your doors, walls, and roof, the windows you install are critical to have an effective holding of heat throughout the house. 

Secondary glazing provides an extra shield by installing a tightly sealed panel on the inner segment of your current windows that holds a lot more heat in your house.

Noise Reduction

Most individuals do not hear the noise in their homes because, for example, it’s blocked out by the noise of the TV. It quickly appears evident as you turn all off and attempt to concentrate on work. 

The continuous noise from outside your home will make it virtually difficult to focus, whether it’s cars, neighbours, or simply individuals walking by.

Luckily, a remedy is given by secondary glazing. The second panel leaves a much larger gap and is more effective at absorbing sound waves. In simplistic words, this enables secondary glazing to minimise by up to 80 percent the level of noise reaching your house.

It will also benefit individuals during the pandemic who might have acquired sleep disturbance. Due to anxiety triggered by the continued confusion, others have struggled to sleep. Owing to a disturbance to their usual everyday schedule, some just can’t get to sleep. They don’t feel exhausted enough to get to sleep without their daily visits to the stores, gym or anywhere else.

Work Benefits

A comfortable atmosphere to work in results in better performance and higher productivity.   Even nicer, prior to and after your working day, these advantages will make your house more relaxed. 

Well-insulated windows can reduce the energy costs during the year, with less requirement for the evening and working hours to turn up the heating. Similarly, a more relaxed atmosphere around the clock can be created by improved sound insulation.