Cat flaps Glasgow is essential to the wellbeing of an indoor/outdoor cat, and this is why Glasgow Glass and Locks Ltd offer professional fittings of cat flaps in double glazed doors or, when more convenient, double glazed windows. The installation comes at no risk to the insulation and weatherproof properties of your door/window.

Cat Flaps Glasgow

Having access to our cat flaps Glasgow not only helps the cat feel more in control of their environment but also directly contributes to its happiness and comfort. You, the owner, will have peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to be home in order to let the cat back in, particularly during the cold winter months.

Anxious Cats

Cats can get anxious if they are outside and can’t immediately get back inside when they’d like to. In this scenario they may give up waiting for you to let them back in and leave their familiar surroundings in a state of distress, putting them at risk of getting into fights with other cats or getting hit by a car. The opposite can also be the case: if situations the cat may find stressful is occurring within the home, such as the presence of an unfamiliar visitor (be it a person or a pet), the cat will appreciate being able to vacate the home as soon as they desire. 

Consistency Is Key 

A sense of consistent routine also contributes to a cat’s wellbeing. A cat flap will allow them to follow their own routine by coming and going whenever they please, rather than living in the shadow of their owner’s routine (and vice versa). 

Resolves Litter Issues 

A cat having constant access to an outside litter area via a cat flap may also be an ideal scenario for the owner compared to the alternative. If the cat seems happy with making the switch, it means there would be no need for an indoor litter box. This would eliminate not only the repetitive chore of cleaning out the litter box, but also the risk of ammonia exposure. This can occur quite easily if the box is not kept clean at all times, and has the potential to cause serious breathing problems for the owner, as well as problems for the cat

Healthier Cats

A cat flap is also likely to increase your cat’s exercise levels, particularly if there is not much space within your home. This could improve their health, and lower the risk of weight-related issues like diabetes and liver disease. It could also improve their mental health, as they will no longer be cooped up inside when their instincts are telling them to go out and explore. 

Relaxed Cats 

If you have multiple cats (or a cat combined with any other pet), a cat flap will make it far easier to separate them if they are fighting, or if one cat requires medication but the other cats do not. If you have recently acquired a new cat and are bonding it with your other cats, this process will be far less stressful for both you and your cats, as behaviour problems can quickly be dealt with.