Energy Efficiency

If your entrance front door isn’t energy-efficient, you might miss your home’s critical heat. We all like to worry about how sealed our windows are, but as essential as this is, it’s important not to neglect the draughts that will drain almost as much essential heat from our homes via our front entrance doors.

Fortunately, all our doors at Glasgow Glass & Locks Ltd are energy-efficient, maintaining the warmth in your homes and keeping them cosy whatever the season, and appreciating your double or triple glazing wonderfully.

Even just refreshing your front door, gives it a refreshed makeover and will totally change your house. We provide a wide variety of colours and types of doors to pick from, so you can quickly find one that fits your home flawlessly. The choice is yours, identical to your previous door or entirely new.

As well as more productive efficiency, for better protection, repairing the front door is often typically sought after. The protection in our homes is of greatest priority to all of us, which is why our doors are built with solid materials, reinforced glass and multi-point locking systems to help assure you and your family about your protection and wellbeing.

Designing Your Perfect Entrance Front Door

You and our team will work together to achieve the design for a door that best fits your needs, preference, and home with many of our customizable choices, enabling you to build your very own tailor-made door to your requirements. Selecting the material for your entrance door can depend on your own personal choice, your existing door, or each material’s attributes.

Here is a short introduction to the materials that there is for your review:

  • Composite entrance front doors– Composite does just that as you are aiming for a substance that contains the best of all worlds. In the form of classic hardwood, it has minimal maintenance. Crafted from Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic, a durable and maintenance-free material that helps you to enjoy the appearance of hardwood without shading, peeling or peeling colours. Several choices for colour and wood grain are available to allow you to build a door that is personalised to you. 
  • Aluminium entrance front door- With aluminium offering outstanding strength, when it comes to this stuff, you will benefit from strong security, combined with great insulation, longevity and design, aluminium is a fantastic all-rounder. It’s possible to find a template to accommodate you and your home with a selection of models to pick from.
  • Hardwood entrance front door- Sometimes preferred by conventional and older homeowners, this elegant material, this timeless suit fits many homes and is offered from light to dark with different finishes. hardwood doors are made of solid hardwood, which makes them sturdy, durable, secure and fantastically effective.

UPVC entrance front door- This sturdy material makes the door look amazing and remains relevant for an easy-to-maintain door, looking as fine as the day it was built for years to follow. With a damp towel, it never takes more than a wipe down and will not peel, rust, or fade. It’s also highly effective and one of the best fabrics for cold-weather insulation. As for protection, uPVC has tremendous stability and durability, staying strong on impact.