People are embracing far more solutions to maintain that they remain secure and happy during the pandemic in a healthy home, from frequent hand washing to decreased physical touch. But, did you know that you could make improvements to your home to assist with this, which extends beyond practical grooming and social distance?

In our blog today we will look at ways you can keep your home secure and protected, keeping you and everyone who may come into your house safe.

Importance To Homeowners Of A Healthy Home

Feeling secure and at peace in your home is highly relevant to homeowners today, but amid this, some might still be shocked by the significant effect on the quality of life that windows and doors, and conservatories can have. Exposure to natural daylight and fresh air, for instance, are both influenced by your glazing, particularly if your windows, doors, or conservatories are of old age.

The Influence On Personal Health By Natural Daylight

Individuals have made modifications to their homes throughout lockdown to maximise the amount of natural light they receive into their healthy homes. This is mainly owing to its proven advantages for our physical and mental health. Enhanced access to natural light may also alleviate isolation and loneliness-related symptoms. For extended periods of natural light, the body develops chemicals from the brain which produce happiness and positivity. It only takes a short amount of exposure to natural light per day to meet suggested daily requirements.

Bearing all this in mind, it is essential to incorporate methods of generating light in the interior design of your house. Selecting your skylight, lightwell, or fanlight windows would cause your loft or extension living areas to fill with natural light, as well as in hard-to-light spaces including hallways and staircases.

Natural Light In Your Morning Routine

Natural light is one of the best useful instruments for controlling the internal clock of the body. One of the most motivating ways of beginning a new day is having the sun wake you up in the morning. It can assist with this by getting windows inside the bedroom that face the way the sun rises.

Obviously, this is not always easy with early starts at work and the dark nights throughout the winter months. Being exposed to only one hour a day in natural sunshine will enhance your quality of sleep and allow your daily routine to be much simpler.

Ventilation For A Healthy Home

It’s critical that during the pandemic, your house has access to adequate ventilation and a supply of clean air. Although the summer months are perfect for opening a window, as winter rises, temperatures decrease and we face more rainy days, it just doesn’t seem suitable or enticing to pop open a window.

This is why you can enjoy the advantages of clean air and strong ventilation by making sure your windows have trickle vents. Trickle vents are small window openings that create a single volume of air to flow through one side of the window to the other, making for a quick airflow without having to open the window or door.

Energy Savings

Not only does the installation of modern glazing bring natural light into a room, it can also decrease the energy costs and have many benefits for well-being. Via inadequate glazing, heat energy could leave a building. This implies that providing energy-efficient windows and doors in a house greatly contributes to even further enhancing the health and wellbeing of the temperature and safety of a household.

New energy-efficient glazing will also help in warming your house, as well as avoiding heat loss in your home. As energy rays from the sun will penetrate through the glass in a window or door and warm the building itself, this is called solar gain and is an efficient type of indirect heating, further leading to energy efficiency in the home.