Problems often arise when windows have not been installed to an acceptable standard. Glasgow Glass and Locks aims to not only meet this standard but exceed it, and provide you with the best glass repairs Glasgow has to offer.

Glass Repairs Glasgow

We specialise in double glazing sealed unit repairs. Glasgow Glass and Locks are the solutions to any of the problems in the following list.

 Condensation on the outside of your double-glazed sealed unit (often creating a picture frame effect) is perfectly normal. Occurring primarily in autumn, condensation will usually last until the sun goes down.

Window Repairs

Condensation on the inside (or ‘misting’), however, is a sign that your unit is in need of replacement or repair. It’s not much of a sealed unit if moisture’s getting through the seal! Even if it looks to be just a small amount of moisture, with time this amount will gradually increase. Your windows will not only become difficult to see through (it’s not much of a window if you can’t see through it!), but will also stop keeping cold out/heat in. Do not wait until the winter months arrive; have your windows checked. No one wants to shiver in their own home. Repairing a damaged window will not only prevent this, but also nasty surprises in your energy bill.

Emergency Repairs

In a major emergency (such as fire damage, flood damage, or storm damage), or perhaps an extremely major emergency (a disgruntled neighbour decides to put their fist through your window before going on with their day), Glasgow Glass and Locks can also board up your damaged window if for whatever reason the window cannot be repaired immediately.

Glass Safety

Another reason to repair a broken window is if you have children. While a small chip in a window may not seem like something in need of an emergency fix, that chip may grow, no matter how small it was to begin with. If the glass ends up shattering it could lead to an injury befalling your child. You may be eager to buy a glass repair kit, but this can prove to be a temporary solution (if that), so calling a professional (from yours truly, if we had to pick) is your safest bet.

Types of Glass Damage

Glass can be damaged in many different ways, impact breakage being the most common. This is when something strikes your window at a high speed and leaves multiple cracks (between which could be shards of glass). Stress cracks appear around the edges of the window, usually caused by heat; not much to worry about, then, if you live in Scotland. The third main type of damage is spontaneous breakage, which is when the window essentially breaks itself. In order to prevent cold, winter air from getting into your home (or, worse, a burglar), it is vital that whatever type of damage your windows have experienced is dealt with as soon as possible.