Right now the colder weather is prevalent in Glasgow, and it could be here for the next couple of months.  That’s why we figured in this blog we’d share some tips, techniques heating tricks to help you keep your house cozy and toasty.

Turn Down The Dial

Perhaps this sounds a bit simplistic, compared to the other heating tricks, but it helps! A lowest temperature of 21 ° C for the living room was originally proposed by the World Health Organization, but a few years back, Public Health England changed this to 18 ° C. Since then, study has shown that you could slash your energy bill by up to 10 percent by changing your thermostat down by just 1 ° C. This is a very substantial saving! You could save money and prevent the detrimental consequences of a cold house by reducing your heating down just a little bit. That’s a major victory.

Make Your Windows And Doors Draught Free

In order to make sure that heat is maintained inside your property, it is vital that all windows and doors are well-sealed and no cold air is pumped in from outside. In older, single-glazed windows, draughts are standard, and they can still be impacted whether the doors are old or modern. An easy and inexpensive DIY task, all windows and doors will profit from the fitting of self-adhesive rubber seals. For your doors, between both the door and the frame, introduce the seals. A specific sweep or curved draught excluder that will perform miracles can be bought for the spaces between the bottom of the door and the board. As for your windows, to eliminate any possible openings, add the draught-proofing bars to the window frame.

Utilise Your Curtains As A Heating Tricks

A lot of heat leaks via your windows from your house. Thankfully, curtains serve as shielding for your walls, and curtains will greatly increase the amount of warmth we maintain in our home if we are smart about how we use them. For keeping rooms warm, thick curtains are excellent. Like secondary glazing, heavy curtains avoid air flow, providing an important insulating effect. Thermal curtains are great, or you can add an additional layer of fabric to your curtains using inexpensive fleece or a similar cloth for a cheaper option. The key isn’t keeping your curtains closed all day. The sun is still warm on cold days and the sunshine will add natural heat to your house. So, during the day, open some curtains to absorb as much natural energy as possible from the sun.

Replacing Your Windows or Doors, A Longer Option Out Of The Heating Tricks

This should be corrected now before temperature decreases whether your windows or doors are aging drastically, or maybe you’ve just never replaced them. In winter, severe conditions such as hurricanes, fog, frost, wind, and snow will destroy and ruin homes. Not only can they help control the temperature of your house to keep it cosy and warm, but new windows and doors also reduce draughts, keep you clean and comfortable, and save you money on your heating bills as well.

If you are contemplating replacing your windows or doors, then get in touch today and find out more.