It sounds wonderful to clean the double glazed windows in winter, doesn’t it? When it’s freezing and snowy outside, it’s literally the last thing you want to worry about. Keeping your beautiful glazed windows healthy, though, is important not only to give your windows the longest possible lifetime but also to help you stay warm and comfortable during the winter months.

In an ideal world, if you get them just before the winter spell hits, the double-glazed windows won’t require washing. However, if they look somewhat worse for wear, instead of letting the windows get ruined, it is much easier to take the plunge and give your windows a clean now, or if you let it get even worse, the filthy windows could reduce the amount of sunshine getting into your house when it is cold outside.

In this blog, we are going to talk about a few hints and tips to help you maintain healthy, clean windows over the course of the winter weather.

Preparing For Cleaning Double Glazed Windows

You will need to check that you have cleaned the ridges inside the window frames before jumping right in to clean the windows. To eliminate any dust, debris, or soil that has developed, use either a spray or cleaning solvent. It will affect window structures that enable your windows to open and close if you let the dirt ramp up too much. Do you remember what we were talking about previously about window life expectancy? Unfortunately, this can have a huge effect. Not only can it adversely affect the long-term well-being of your windows if debris is left along the window frame cracks, but it will also make them difficult to clean by possibly scattering a dirty mess around the windows themselves, which doesn’t sound too good.


When you are cleaning your double-glazed windows, the water temperature is crucial.  hot water could start causing the cold glass to break if the water is too hot when it’s cold outside. There is nothing worse than windows that are filthy, apart from them being broken! Undoubtedly, it would be nice to stop using cold water on cold windows, too, for our own convenience. Your safest choice for carefully washing your windows is relatively warm water. When washing, put on a pair of rubber gloves to cover your hands to make things a little bit more pleasant.

Wipe Down Your Double Glazed Windows While Cleaning

After cleaning your windows you don’t want to end up with streaks. Particularly if you’ve only been cleaning windows for half an hour and streaks emerge.  Some individuals assume that newspapers are perfect for window washing, but they can leave traces on the frame and have the ability to create light scratching. Our advice? Using the regular kitchen towel. They’re gentle, they’re durable, and they’ll leave the windows bright and clean of streaks. When cleaning the windows, make sure that you wash in circular motions, from the outside of the window to the middle of the window. 


When you are cleaning your double glazed windows in winter, it is essential you do it when the time is right. In other words, what you need to look out for is the weather on this day, and the weather is also relevant for the next couple of days. Make sure you have a day that’s not too cold, windy, or snowy. Basically, we don’t expect there to be any mud, frost, or snow. Besides the day, you will need to select a good time of day that isn’t overly sunny.   The perfect time of day to disinfect the windows is when the weather is gloomy or overcast. Fortunately, finding a day like that shouldn’t be too complicated in our environment. This would help eliminate the emergence of any streaks.

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