Ignoring door repairs can lead to serious problems for your home. Glasgow Glass and Locks offer the most efficient door repair service in the area.

Glasgow Glass and Locks Door Repairs

  Whether you need your current door repaired or a new door installed, Glasgow Glass and Locks has you covered. We also install and repair windows. Both our doors and windows are energy efficient, sturdy, and secure. We can customise both to your preference; there are many different options to choose from. These include various colours, various types of stained and patterned glass, and uPVC/aluminium.  

Why You May Need Door Repairs

  Most doors are durable, but over time, problems can arise for several reasons. The most frequent cause of damage to doors is exposure to the elements. If you have a wooden door, heavy rain can cause moisture to build up within the door’s frame. This will eventually lead to rot, causing the wood of your door to deteriorate. In most cases like these, the only realistic option is to get a new door installed. Ignoring such a problem means you’re risking both the security and insulation of your home.

Doors Warped by Foundation

  If you’re particularly unlucky, the foundation your house is built on might shift. This can lead to uneven floors, as well as (you guessed it!) warped door frames. As a result, the door will either get stuck or not close properly. If the shape of your door frame has changed, you will probably need a new door entirely.

Doors Damaged by Heavy Objects

When moving house, you’re going to be carrying heavy objects through your door, like furniture. Without the proper procedure, the objects can easily scrape or bump into your door. You may not even notice until after the fact. A bad bump can cause significant damage, and may even compromise the surface of the door’s seal. If an accident like this occurs, Glasgow Glass and Locks are just a phone call (or an email) away.

Slamming Doors

Whether you’re particularly angry or the wind is particularly strong, your door is sure to slam once in a while. Over time this can lead to cracks in the door, which left untreated will affect the door’s value. If the cracks are significant, they may also be a security risk. Much like with broken windows, a door that’s not completely intact can be easily exploited by burglars. Also worth noting is the damage that your door can do to your house’s walls. Make sure you have some form of doorstop to prevent your door from making dents in the wall.  

Preventing Damage to Doors

  The only real way to prevent door damage is by keeping a lookout for any changes in the door’s appearance, or how easily the door opens/closes. If you spot a problem, it is vital to address it in its early stages. This could be the difference between requiring a quick fix or requiring a new door entirely. For either, contact Glasgow Glass and Locks by calling 01389 878086 or by emailing You can also make an enquiry right here on our website.