You may be wondering which exterior door material is better if you’re in the market for a new front door. They come in a variety of materials, including composite, uPVC, wood, and aluminium, all of which include a variety of designs and excellent quality, but when it comes to the basics, composite doors are still the best option.

Low-Maintenance Composite Doors

New composite has the advantage of being almost maintenance-free. Unlike wood, which has to be handled with wood varnish to shield it from the elements, composite never has to be refinished. This makes it an excellent option for today’s busy lifestyles when you can relax in the knowledge that it basically looks after itself.

To keep the door looking fresh, we recommend cleaning down the frame with a moist cloth every now and then to clear some rust. The GRP skin still prevents the colour from deteriorating ensuring that you have a perfect front or back door that will stay quality for many years.

Outside Sounds Are Kept To A Minimum

Older doors have a tendency to allow outside sounds in, ruining the relaxation and privacy that any household needs. Issues like this would be a distant memory with high-performance composite doors. The same approaches that enable them to be so energy efficient often help to reduce noise emissions. The dense core, which mixes wood and uPVC, as well as the advanced double or triple glazing, will keep outside disturbance out of your house, creating a cosy environment.

Composite Doors Are Long-Lasting and Extremely Resilient

Home protection is a top concern for any homeowner when shopping for a new front or back entrance. With a new composite door, you’ll have full comfort that your home is safe, as they outperform traditional doors in terms of safety. Unlike lower-quality door fabrics, composite doors have an inherent strength that keeps unwelcome intruders away.

All composite doors come equipped with multi-point locks, which are the industry’s best. Composite doors feature the most reliable locking systems in the industry, and when combined with a sturdy composite frame and a solid polyurethane foam rim, they have unrivalled degrees of home comfort.

Variety Of Designs And Colours

Composite doors take advantage of new production technologies, allowing them to be customized for each and every individual. The benefit of composite is that the skin can be coated in a smooth or woodgrain pattern, allowing it to be used in both modern and traditional styles.

Anthracite grey, black, and Chartwell green are some of the most common composite door colours. So, if you’re looking for a substitute streamlined composite door or an antique heritage front door as an alternative to timber, the possibilities are limitless. Composite doors have a variety of personalisation possibilities, right down to the smallest specifics. For a truly unique style, you may find elegant glass options and a variety of door furniture sets. You can build the ultimate composite door model to fit your personal tastes, regardless of the style of house you live in.

If you are interested in replacing your front door or simply just want to find out more about the composite door, get in touch today!