One of the many benefits of installing uPVC windows in your home is how low-maintenance they are. They are robust and can last a significant amount of time sometimes much longer than other materials like aluminium or wood. Since dirt will still figure out a way in, it’s critical to ensure consistent cleaning of uPVC window frames.

The dirt may not be noticeable right away depending on the colour of your window frames. White frames, for instance, are more inclined to display dirt, but it’s still essential to keep those frames clean irrespective of colour.

Even though they’re ideal for all types of weather, muck, dust, and grime can accumulate on them over time, causing them to become dirty. Most of the time, persistence and a little elbow grease will restore the sparkle to your uPVC window frames.

Cleaning uPVC Window Frames

Cleaning The Frames

A bowl of wet, soapy water, a sponge or cloth, and a vacuum cleaner are everything you’ll need to clean your uPVC windows.

3 step process to use to clean the frames:

  • To begin, open your window as wide as it will allow. Then vacuum the framework to get rid of any dirt. To prevent damaging the uPVC, it is recommended that you use a soft nozzle extension.
  • Wash down the complete window frame with the wet, soapy water using a sponge or cloth.
  • Finally, dry the window frame with a fresh cloth to eliminate any excess water.

That’s it; as we previously reported, uPVC windows are low-maintenance, and a quick clean is all that’s needed to keep them appearing their finest.

Washing The Glass Windows

You’ll most likely want to wash the glass after you’ve cleaned the window frame. Before you start, make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the frame to guarantee that all dust and dirt have been eliminated. To begin, select a glass cleaner of your choice and liberally spray it on the window. More cleaner is suggested for extremely dirty windows because it will help contain the dirt and make it simpler to clean.

Tilt and Turn Window Cleaning

Cleaning your house’s windows can be challenging if they are problematic to access Tilt and turn windows will make things much simpler, whether you don’t like heights or don’t have an appropriately sized ladder. A tilt-and-turn window can be turned inwards to enable you to wash the glass from the inside of your home, eliminating the need for a ladder.

After all of that, you should have some gleaming, spotless uPVC windows in your house.