On many levels, installing safe windows Glasgow in your home is critical. Good frames and locks, for starters, will shield your home from invaders, lowering the threat of break-ins and burglaries. Second, restricted window openings can provide a protected space by opening just wide enough to ventilate a room without exposing the user to the risk of falling out. Another simple way to ensure your windows are secure is to check they have the necessary credentials.

Multi-point Locking

There are several more lock choices available than you would think, with varying degrees of safety and protection. A window with only two locking points is technically called “multi-locking,” but the more locking points a window has, the safer it is. There is no default number of locks but if you can locate a window with eight or more locking points, you’ll have a window that is extremely protected.

Night Vents and Lockable Airflow

When shutting windows Glasgow, they have the choice of leaving a slight 1-inch gap, effectively locking them nearly shut.  Many people use this method, which is also known as the night vent position, as a form of ventilation. Keeping a window on the latch, on the other hand, is much less safe than completely closing a window, and may allow a possible burglar to pull open the window. Instead, ‘trickle vents’ can be installed in new windows, which offer natural ventilation without jeopardizing your home’s protection.

Restricting The Windows Glasgow Opening

Opening restrictors reduce how far a window opens, either by using a cable to link the sash and the frame or by installing key-lockable restrictors that enable windows to open just a few centimeters for ventilation. It is reported that many young children have accidents falling from windows, which could effectively be avoided by using window restrictors.

Key Lockable Handles

Modern window handles are all key lockable, making it impossible for future intruders to simply wiggle the windows open. It also has an additional safety mechanism for top-floor rooms that are open to children and the elderly. However, it is suggested that you place your key inside the lock so that you do not have to search for it in the event of an emergency.

Secure Brackets On The Hinge Side

When a window is completely closed and secured, some uPVC window frames have tough, interconnecting brackets that protect the outside of the sash. This indicates that if an attacker attempts to maneuver the window out of position on the hinge side, the brackets would keep them from doing so.

Internally Beaded Windows Glasgow

A thin strip called a ‘bead’ passes around all of the edges of the window sash and holds the glazing in place against the frame. External window beading was an option on early uPVC windows, but it was largely abandoned due to safety reasons. Window beads used to be much weaker, giving burglars a simple way to easily pull them off and destroy the glass. Internal glazing beads (on the inside of the window) are now standard on most windows, making them the safest choice.