The materials selected and the way they’re installed should mean you don’t have any difficulties with high-quality window installations, but what about typical problems with defective windows? If you’ve noticed a draught coming in through your windows but can’t tell where the cold air is coming from, your window seals might have broken. If you’d like to know more about how to tell if this has happened and what you should do next, follow our top tips.

Window Seals- What Are They?

Building Regulations have forced window designers to increase the quality of their designs in order to guarantee that they are energy efficient. A seal around the perimeter of windows with double or triple glazing ensures an airtight fit. The seals will also aid in locking in the gas that exists between the glass panes. This insulates the walls, preventing heat from leaking through the glass and cold air from infiltrating the building. If the seals fail for whatever reason, draughts will enter and the interior temperature of your rooms will drop. 

How to Determine Whether Your Window Seal Is Broken

Although it’s not always clear that a window seal has cracked, there are certain unmistakable signs to look for, such as draughts pouring in from nowhere. If the break is minor, you will not feel much at all, but the consequences may become more noticeable as the weather begins to change seasons. The first symptom of a cracked window seal is a build-up of condensation between the window panes where rain has infiltrated, which you won’t be able to remove. This is natural if the condensation forms on the outside of the glass and can be wiped away. If the gas between the panes has begun to leak, the glazing can appear blurred as well.

What To Do When Your Window Seal Has Broken

One of the first things you can do if your window seals have cracked is to search your warranties. Broken window seals can be protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, which usually lasts for several years after the windows are fitted. This is how it may have been because of the way they were fitted or because of a manufacturing error. If your windows are sealed, you should be able to have them fixed for free.

If not, the most cost-effective option is to get the seal restored, but this would not restore the windows to their original condition. You’ll need to get your windows completely replaced if you want them to properly insulate your house and stay energy efficient. Hopefully, the window seal has only failed on one unit, and the local provider will assist you in finding a replacement that is similar.

If you think your window seal may be broken then don’t hesitate to get in touch and Glasgow Glass & Locks will have a look and fix it for you!