We are assured that, as specialists in uPVC door repair Glasgow, we will meet the hardware specification, irrespective of who built it or how old the pieces are. We keep the most popular products in stock, such as handles, multi-point locks, gearboxes, hinges, and letterboxes, and we have deals with manufacturers to get other items overnight.

Multi Point Locks

Most uPVC door repairs may be postponed, but this is not the case for a uPVC door lock mechanism; one day the door lock becomes rigid or impossible to lock, which is normally followed by the lock cracking and the door being locked shut; it is critical to contact anyone if you are having trouble turning the key. 

We will be delighted to service your door lock. If the door lock fails, you normally have a variety of alternatives. You can replace the center gearbox, which is the cheapest alternative, but certain locks don’t allow you to do that, and you’ll have to replace the entire strip lock.

Lock Upgrades For Door Repairs Glasgow

One of the most popular uPVC doors repairs in Glasgow is removing the rubber seal around the door. As the door ages, the rubber seals deteriorate, becoming hard and eventually breaking away from the frame, bringing drafts and moisture into the home. There are so many different seals for uPVC doors that keeping a stock of all of them will be impossible. However, we have the more common seals in stock and can order the less popular ones if requested.

Door Seals

One of the most popular uPVC door fixes is removing the rubber seal around the door. The same as the locks, as the door wears, the rubber seals worsen, turning hard and ultimately breaking away from the frame, enabling drafts and rain into the home. We also keep the most common door seals in stock but can order other door seals on request.

Door Handles For Door Repairs Glasgow

We will supply door handles for the bulk of uPVC and composite doors at Glasgow Glass & Locks. Since the doors have been designed to accommodate a certain dimension, any component of a uPVC door repair must be replaced with the very same design. We have the expertise to determine which handle is required for the multipoint lock to operate properly. All handles are available in a variety of colours, including gold, white, chrome, silver, and black, and letterboxes can be matched to the same design.

Importance Of Security 

It is assumed that if your house is broken into, the insurer will pay out; but, in certain cases, the insurance provider will want you to have locks installed that meet their specifications. We understand the value of quality locks at Glasgow Glass & Locks, and we can install a variety of high-security uPVC door lock cylinders that will keep even the most determined burglar at bay.

If you are looking for any door repairs Glasgow or want to discuss further any of the things discussed in this blog then please get in touch today!