Modifying the colour of your windows is one method to change the appearance of your house. You may adjust the colour to whatever shade you choose, depending on your tastes. So, if you’re wondering if you can alter the colour of your uPVC windows and doors, the answer is yes. and here’s how you can go about doing it.

Choosing The Right Colours

You may use any colour you choose to paint the surfaces. The idea is to select items that can stick to a plastic surface. Since not all colours can accomplish this, you must be cautious about whatever one you select. Furthermore, select a product that can endure UV radiation and will not bleach when subjected to the sun for an extended amount of time. The tint will not change over time as a result of this.

Avoid Painting Fresh Fixtures

It’s crucial to remember that you shouldn’t paint the frames of new windows until they’ve been installed for at least a year. Resins have been applied to the surfaces of new fixtures. Normally, an additional coating of plastic is applied to the plastic surface to give it a gleaming, fresh appearance. Paint will not stick to this surface if you attempt to paint on it. As a result, it’s best to wait until the glossy surface has worn away before attempting to paint over it.

Vinyl Wrap To Change The Shade Of uPVC Windows And Doors

Vinyl wrap is one option to modify the colour of your window frames. The vinyl has adhered to the frames. This is a short-term fix that can last up to 5 years. So, if you want a temporary look, this is a good option. Moisture can sneak beneath the vinyl because it does not attach well to the frames. If this happens, you’ll have to start again with the frames.

Liquid Dip

If you need a quick fix, the liquid dip is the way to go. The aperture frames can be sprayed with this dip. The dip is available in a can and may be fairly pricey. It has a rubbery feel about it. Simply peel it away if you make a mistake or wish to remove it. While using liquid dip, you must exercise caution when handling the surfaces, since even stroking the surface might cause the dip to peel off.

Changing uPVC Windows And Doors With Spray Paint

Spray painting is one approach to change the look of the surfaces. This will result in a long-term change. This is one of the most effective techniques to change the colour of your uPVC windows and doors, especially if you have it done professionally. The spray paint will attach hard to the surface, making it difficult to remove.


You may change the colour of your windows and doors in a variety of ways. You may simply improve the look of your fixtures if you are unsatisfied with the present tint or want to make them blend in better with the rest of your home’s aesthetic. Spray paint, vinyl wrap, or liquid dip are all options for the surfaces.