Should you go with aluminium frames for your new windows (or doors), or should you go with uPVC? It’s not always an easy decision, so keep the following factors in mind when deciding on the ideal material for your home. In today’s blog we are going to discuss how to pick the right choice of windows or doors for you between aluminium or uPVC.


Understandably, many individuals are most concerned about the security of their windows and doors. Aluminium is the material to use if a strong and sturdy window frame is your top concern. There is no product that is more effective at protecting your windows and keeping your home safe. uPVC window frames, on the other hand, are a close second; if your budget doesn’t allow for aluminium, it’s an excellent, strong second alternative.


Will you have to devote a lot of effort to maintain your window frames? Are they prone to deterioration? uPVC window frames are known for being low-maintenance; all they need is the occasional wipe-down with a damp cloth to keep them looking like new. Aluminium requires a bit more attention, but all it takes is a monthly clean and frequent inspection.


It’s crucial to think about how your window frames will hold up against the elements and how long they’ll last. uPVC windows are robust and durable, and under the correct conditions, they may last up to 20 years; however, aluminium is a better material that can last much longer. Aluminium is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you if you live on the seaside and are subjected to the elements.


What do you think your new window frames will look like? Will they match your home’s design and appearance? Modern uPVC frames come in a variety of colours or, if you want, genuine wood appearances, but they can’t compete with the slimness and flexibility of aluminium. If you’re looking for a material with a lot of visual appeals, aluminium is a good option.

Heating Efficiency

The thermal efficiency of your window frames refers to how well they can keep heat inside your home. The lower heat you lose via the windows, the less money you’ll spend on heating. More energy-efficient frames will also keep you warm, especially in the winter. Aluminium and uPVC are both strong heat conductors.


When considering a large purchase like this, pricing is often the most important consideration. And on this front, uPVC frames are a clear winner; being a low-priced and cost-effective material, they’ll cost you around half as much as aluminium frames.

Environmental Effect

The material you choose will have an impact on the environment, but which has the best environmental record? Thermal efficiency is one of the factors we discussed before; it’s essential to examine the u-value of your frames on a personal level. Another factor to evaluate is the estimated lifespan of your windows; longer-lasting frames will have a lower environmental effect because they won’t need to be replaced as frequently. Finally, consider what will happen to your frames if they need to be replaced. While it is possible to recycle uPVC, melting down and reusing aluminium is easier. Overall, aluminium outperforms other materials in terms of environmental impact.

We hope this blog has helped you with your decision to select between aluminium or uPVC for your windows and if you have any questions then get in touch today!