If you own a commercial property, you certainly know how important impressions are. Having immaculately clean windows at your workplace will improve clients’ perceptions of your company and make you look more proud of your business.  You do not want your consumers to form an opinion of you based on a dirty window. We understand that cleaning those large windows on your own may be difficult, so we’ve compiled a list of our best recommendations to help you clean your commercial windows like a professional:

What Do You Need To Clean Commercial Windows?

When it comes to washing business windows, a professional-grade squeegee is a must-have device. You’ll discover that utilising one is crucial to obtaining a streak-free surface. You’ll never go back to using toilet tissue and spray bottles after you’ve tried one. There are numerous window cleaning products available but one of the finest is a simple homemade mixture of lots of water and a couple of tablespoons of washing-up liquid in a basin; you don’t need anything expensive to get great outcomes. If you’re cleaning in cold weather, a sprinkle of windshield wash solution (like you’d use for your car) will keep the substance from freezing on the glass.

Method For Cleaning The Windows

Cleaning your commercial windows is not a complicated process. Start by cleaning the window frame with a cotton towel or microfiber cloth after you’ve made your washing-up liquid and water solution in a basin. Then continue on to the glass, cleaning all sides to remove any debris or dust from the edges. Proceed until the mixture has fully covered the window, ensuring that every last piece of glass is coated. Next, use your rubber sponge and wipe off the window until it is completely dry. To wipe the glass, hold the sponge at an angle horizontally across it. Moving upwards can also produce wonderful results; it’s all a matter of personal choice. To avoid putting filth back onto the blade, wash the blade with a clean sponge or towel after each sweep. Finally, use a cloth to clean the window’s sharp edges to eliminate any water that has gotten trapped between the rubber seals. It’s crucial not to miss this step because if the water leaks and dries around the edges of the glass, it might produce unsightly marks. We are certain that with a bit of practice, you and your workers will be able to wash your commercial windows like a professional.

How Regularly Should I Clean My Commercial Windows?

Window washing should be included in your weekly cleaning routine if your commercial enterprise is your storefront. 2-4 times each week is generally plenty for more industrial properties. Your personal choice, the environment you live in, and how noticeable your displays are to your customers will determine how often the rest of the property’s windows are washed.

This is a cost-effective way to clean your commercial windows but every once in a while it might be useful to hire professionals to ensure your windows get properly clean.