Summer is most definitely here and with some of the weather, we have been having it is essential to keep up to date with ways that you can cool your home so that your house remains comfortable this summer.

Upgrade Your Windows

One of the explanations to your house being scorching this summer might be that your windows aren’t supplying adequate thermal insulation. When we think about energy-efficient glass, such as double or triple glazed windows, we usually think of their capacity to keep heat in and cold out of a home. However, the same insulating characteristics that allow this also assist to decrease the impact of high outside temperatures by keeping warm air out and cold air in. Better thermal insulation, less noise pollution, and a more pleasant home condition may all be achieved by upgrading your home’s windows. It can also assist you in reducing your total energy use and fuel expenses.

Create Some Shade To Cool Your Home

Taking refuge in the shade is a great method to keep cool in your house. During the summer months, use conservatory, door and window blinds and shutters to keep your common areas cool. While the nights may be pleasant, returning home to a simulated greenhouse each night might be difficult if your house has been exposed to the sun all day. With blinds and shutters, you may accomplish more efficient temperature management during the hottest hours of the day, allowing you to rest and enjoy the long summer nights in peace.

Allow Air In

Wind may be a lifesaver on a hot and humid day. Fortunately, it’s one of the easiest things to accomplish, just open some windows or doors! No matter what windows or doors you have, simply allowing a gap to appear will make a huge difference. Window locks can keep windows safe while enabling you to enjoy a pleasant breeze if you’re concerned about security at night time. Open windows or doors on opposing sides of your house deliberately for extra effect. This should create an airflow corridor, allowing the air to circulate and give some cooling assistance. It will also give your house a good dosage of ventilation, enabling it to vent airborne contaminants and moisture while also bringing in clean, fresh air.

Get Some Window Film To Cool Your Home

Conservatories and orangeries, for example, can warm in the summer due to their large amount of glazing. If this is an issue for you, you might want to think about window film as a possible remedy. Solar control window film may significantly reduce heat transmission through windows, making rooms cooler and decreasing exposure to the sun. This can improve comfort and is especially good for furniture placed near windows or doors, which is prone to deteriorating over time due to UV light.

If you have any questions regarding how to keep your home cool during the warm weather then do not hesitate to get in touch today and our team would be happy to assist you.