Our children are the center of our universe, and as parents, we need to do everything we can to keep them safe. Some parents, on the other hand, are unaware of the hazards that their windows and doors offer to little children. You don’t want your youngster to tumble out of the window or have their fingers crushed against the door. There’s no need to be concerned; there are various window and door protections accessible that are meant to keep your children safe. We’ll look at some of the child safety window and door choices available and how they may help keep your kids safe in this post.

Features To Keep Kids Safe Round Windows And Doors

Door Protectors

Slimline guards can be fitted to inside doors as an interim measure to keep hands out of the way. They are removable and may be simply removed after your youngster has outgrown the need for the protection.

Slamming Prevention

Doors with slamming prevention mechanisms are a good method to make them safer for kids. Slamming prevention elements, which are usually composed of foam, stop a door from closing entirely. They provide a protective barrier between the door and your child’s fingers, preventing your child’s fingers from becoming trapped.

Windows And Doors Stops

Window stops are a childproofing device that restricts the amount of space your window can expand. Window stops prevent windows from opening wider than a 4-inch gap, making it difficult for a tiny kid to fall through.

Locks On Windows And Doors

Installing locks on your windows is an absolutely positive method to make them extra secure. While some windows come with safety locks, there is a range of locks offered that are suited for all window types and provide additional security. Keep your windows secured and the key hidden to keep youngsters from unlocking them and tumbling out.

Glasgow Glass & Locks

These are just a few of the childproofing solutions for your windows and doors that may provide you a sense of security as a parent. However, before you begin installing any of these safety measures in your windows and doors, make sure you choose a reputable contractor. Glasgow Glass & Locks provide advice for childproofing solutions for windows and doors, all of which are completed to the greatest standards to guarantee your child’s safety.

Our Service

We provide installation and repair of energy-efficient windows and doors. We offer an emergency glass repair service in Clydebank, Glasgow, and surrounding areas. Our range of window types are displayed below and can be fully custom-designed, to include for example – various colours. various types of stained and patterned glass, UPVC, Aluminium, and timber frames. All windows can be made to all sizes and styles to fit the solution required.

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