Have you been the target of a break-in before? Break-ins are all too frequently planned. Criminals who are astute arrange their moves for days, if not weeks, in order to get entrance to your home without being discovered. More than 75% of criminals get in through the front entrance. These are often locked, and they have to break them open by picking or bashing door locks or destroying windows. However, a robber’s task might be made easier by homeowners’ negligence, such as having doors unlocked and windows open. The excellent thing is that, besides ensuring your windows and doors are closed at all times, there are countless features you can use to dissuade thieves from attacking your property. The professionals at Glasgow Glass & Locks give a few key ideas for maximising home security in this blog.

Doorbells With A Video Feature

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could see and chat with the individual who is standing outside your door before you approach it? That’s precisely what you can accomplish with a camera doorbell.  Whether you’re at home or away, these digital security devices will alert you when someone is at the door. When movement occurs, a notification is sent to your mobile, which is not just a blessing for individuals with physical challenges or hearing impairments who may take a little longer to answer the door. That implies that if someone enters your property late at night, the video will be captured and may be used as proof if required.

Improved Door Locks To Prevent Break-Ins

When was the last time you changed the locks on your doors? Security flaws in the lock’s system, which we’re all susceptible to neglecting, can enhance the likelihood of someone effectively getting into your house. Many people go long periods of time before finally repairing locks which leave you exposed to break-ins. There are several different types of door locks, including chisel locks, rim locks, night time latches, and cylinder locks. Smart locks and Bluetooth locks, on the other hand, are now available and are simple to use. These enable you to keep track of who has exposure to your information using your smart devices.

Outside Cameras

The sheer sight of a surveillance camera on the exterior of your home can be enough to deter would-be robbers. CCTV cameras record everything that happens in their range of vision, alerting you to any unusual behavior and assisting you in apprehending offenders who have been loitering on your property. Intruders are less interested in targeting a home with CCTV cameras because they are more likely to be noticed. And here’s the greatest part: Today, there are several options available, including systems with night vision, high durability, and motion detectors.

If you have any questions regarding home security and being susceptible to break-ins then do hesitate to get in touch and we can provide the best windows, doors, and lock repairs to make your home a safe place from burglars and unwanted individuals.