It’s not unusual for many of us to overlook our front doors, whether they’re at home or at work. We just enter and depart, paying little attention to continuing care and adequate maintenance, with many of us deferring repairs until they are absolutely essential. Staying on top of door maintenance is important and in today’s blog, we are going to discuss how to do so. However, you should really not wait until your door is practically shattering to get it looked at — routine checks and upkeep may enable you to conserve money in the long run. We’ll share some of our best door maintenance advice with you so you can begin appropriately maintaining your doors.

Repaint Your Door

Contemplate repainting or put a fresh gloss or varnish to assist enhance the lifetime of your door and ensure it is appropriately prepared to defend you from the environment. For best results, we recommend doing this every year or so. Similarly, the choice you choose here is determined by the quality of your door, so consult the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Inspect The Weather Stripping For Door Maintenance

Lock your door and inspect the rubberized coating that runs along the sides and bottom of your door frame for any draughts that could be seeping through to check the weather stripping. If you can feel the breeze, it’s an indication that something has to be done. You could see some reductions on your energy expenses after doing so!

Make Sure You Clean Your Doors

This isn’t necessarily something people feel is necessary but it is certainly an important task. To maintain your doors in good condition, we suggest giving them a thorough scrub every now and again. Warm water and a light detergent, in most situations, and based on the material of your door, are sufficient to eliminate any surface filth and grease that may be presenting a hazard to your door.

Evaluate The Doors Compartments

If your door’s panels, locks, and handles appear to be old and inoperable, you should replace them immediately, since failing to do so might pose a serious security risk. Since it might be tricky and could potentially be hazardous, it’s advisable to get the expertise of a professional who can make sure you acquire the proper hardware for your door.

Tidy Your Door Up For Door Maintenance

This refers to any scrapes, dents, or loose paint that you may see on your door. Small blemishes and scrapes may be sanded away using sandpaper, and loose paint chipping can be removed with a trustworthy brush. To put the final details on your door, clean it as instructed earlier in the blog, then wipe it dry. You’ll be delighted at the ultimate effect.

We have a group of skilled engineers at Glasgow Glass & Locks who will evaluate each of your doors and let you know what door maintenance you need to carry out. If you have any more questions regarding door maintenance then do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.