What Are uPVC Windows?

UPVC stands for Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. External windows are made of UPVC, a synthetic substance that does not decay. The material’s durability makes it an excellent choice, and we offer a variety of UPVC windows to suit your needs.  The substance is a plastic particle that is heated until it becomes liquid and then extruded into pieces of UPVC profile from which the door or window may be made. The UPVC may be cut into the exact form of a door or window once the liquid has cooled and the form has solidified into a concentrated shape.

Reason For Using uPVC For Windows

Unlike certain aluminium fittings, which may be heavier and more difficult to fit, UPVC is a substance that is sturdy yet easy to install and isn’t too heavy to insert into your home. It is also more cost-effective and based on the quality and functionality installed, it is typically less expensive than timber windows. UPVC is a high-performance material that can endure the elements, keeping your house warm throughout the cooler months.

uPVC Maintenance

The classic soap and water procedure is the finest way of cleaning UPVC windows. You’ll need a pail of heated water and soap and a sponge for this procedure. Cleaning the UPVC with a scrubbing cloth or bristle brush might significantly damage the surface. You should also avoid using cream cleansers since they might damage the fixture’s shiny appearance. Wipe the paneling and around the borders with soapy water and a sponge, paying special attention to places where filth has built up. You should only have to wipe the exterior every few months because it is a low-maintenance product

Benefits Of uPVC Windows

Long Lasting

UPVC doors endure for many years until they start to deteriorate, making them a highly long-lasting addition to your home. This eliminates the need to replace the fitting every few years, as you would with wood that rots and aluminium that rusts.

Little Maintenance

Possessing UPVC windows is perfect for individuals who don’t want the difficulty of care that comes with other types of windows, such as wood. Unlike hardwood, UPVC does not decay or deteriorate, and they do not require the use of harsh or sophisticated chemical treatments.

Energy Efficient

Most UPVC windows are excellent insulators, with double glazing ensuring that heat is retained in your home during the cold months. As a result, you will save more on your energy expenses.

Protection From Unwanted Intruders

The robustness of UPVC window structures adds protection and safety to your property against potential robbers.


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