Being locked out of your own house is a dreadful sensation. You may have realised you don’t have possession of your house key while getting ready to leave work, or you may have arrived home to discover your key shattered in the door. As quickly as you see yourself sitting outside without an option to get inside your house or discover a fix, frustration might set in. It’s never good to be stranded outdoors with no access, in today’s blog we are going to discuss the things you can do when you get locked out.

Preparing Is A Good Idea

Preventing scenarios like getting locked out of your home rather than being completely stranded is the best way to go; the easiest way to achieve this is to keep an extra backup key on standby. If you conceal a key around your property, it will come in handy if you are locked out. If you need to store a key in a particularly hidden spot, don’t put it under the mat; criminals will check there first.

You may get one-of-a-kind key safes from your local locksmith, as well as specially built critical conceals for use around your home. It’s not ideal, but having an extra key will come in handy if you find yourself in a jam. If you trust your neighbour enough, you might even offer them a key in case of an emergency. To be safe, be sure your neighbours are respected and reliable before handing them a key.

Have You Left A Part Of The House Open?

Many individuals leave windows unlocked around the outside or patio doors unlocked, which is not the smartest option; we suggest double-checking if you have done so. There’s no danger in seeing if you’re stranded outside your house without a key or a damaged key in the door. You might be able to come up with a solution to save costs. If you are simply locked out, you can call someone with a duplicate key, but if there is an open window or door on the ground level, you can go inside your home while you wait, eliminating the need to remain outside when it could potentially be bad weather.

Last Resort: Can You Get The Door Knob Off?

If you run out of possibilities, you might well be able to remove the doorknob; this may sound extreme, but it could allow you to get entrance to your house. You might be able to get into your home if you carefully detach the doorknob without inflicting any outward damage to the door. We would only advocate this in this situation if you are really stranded and need to go inside; it isn’t optimal and should only be done as a last option. We suggest that you try everything else first. This should only be used as a last option, and we strongly advise that if you do choose to take this way, you exercise extreme caution and employ the appropriate tools.

Here are just a few things you can try if you find yourself locked out. If you have any more questions then get in touch today.