There is a multitude of reasons why you might want to consider replacing your door locks so that you can keep your house safe and secure. Keeping your property and your loved ones who live there protected is of paramount importance which means regularly changing your door locks is a great way to achieve this. 

If Someone Has Tried To Break In

A break-in may be a terrifying and costly event. Even a failed break-in may be distressing. If burglars broke into your house by breaking a lock, it’s a warning that your home’s locks aren’t up to the task and need to be changed. Even if an attacker gained access to your home through an unlocked window or door, they might well have discovered a set of spare keys while searching the area. This enables them unrestricted access to your house at any time. It also means you won’t be covered by your homeowner’s insurance if they come into your house later via one of your private keys.

Your Door Locks Are Broken Or Damaged

Since locks involve moving components, they are prone to wear and strain. A clogged or difficult to lock or unlock lock indicates that something is wrong with the mechanical connection. A broken snib, a stuck deadlock, or issues with the multi-point locking system might all be at blame. Whatever the problem is, it’s a smart option to have a locksmith look it over and, if required, change the lock or locking mechanism. A lock that isn’t operating properly isn’t entirely securing your belongings.

If You’ve Lost Your Keys Or Moved House

If your keys are lost and you’re not sure if you misplaced them or they were stolen on purpose, it’s a smart option to replace your locks. It’s a short job for a professional locksmith, and it’s not as expensive as you may imagine. You won’t have to be concerned about who has your keys and access to your property. It makes logical sense to replace the locks when you purchase a new property. Even though the former owners appear to be charming and trustworthy, you never be sure who perhaps they may have provided a key to before.

Door Locks Aren’t Up To Standard

Among the most essential reasons to change a lock is security. Poor-quality locks put your home in danger and make it easier for criminals to obtain access. All external doors in your house, such as front and rear doors, should have locks that satisfy British Standard BS3621. This type of lock is frequently required by your homeowner’s insurance contract. A lock must be able to survive a drilling or bolting assault for a period of time and have additional security versus lock picking to satisfy this requirement.

If you feel like your locks or situation fall into one of the reasons mentioned above and feel like you want to consider changing your door locks then get in touch today and we will be more than happy to help.