Your door locks can suffer from a number of different problems. While they tend to be quick fixes, it’s important to get them looked at as soon as possible, otherwise, they could become a serious problem. If you suspect that your lock needs attention, contact Glasgow Glass and Locks for the best lock repairs in Glasgow. 

There are varying degrees of problems, though. It’s helpful to be aware of each of these problems so you know the kinds of things you should be keeping an eye on. 

Lock Repairs Glasgow: Key Stuck in the Door

While you might associate it purely with sitcoms, the key getting stuck in the lock of a door is actually surprisingly common, especially if your key or your lock (or both) are old. 

You might be able to remove the key using pliers if the full key is stuck in the door (rather than it breaking into more than one piece). Only try to remove it with your fingers if there’s enough of the key visible that you’re sure you’ll be able to get it out otherwise you might accidentally push it in further. 

If you are using pliers, make sure you’re as gentle as possible so you don’t end up making the problem worse. You might be able to take the lock apart in order to remove the key but only do this if you know how to put it back together afterward without the help of a locksmith. 

If you’re in any doubt, you’d be better off calling Glasgow Glass and Locks before trying to fix the problem yourself. An expert will be able to remove the key and repair the lock, at no extra risk to your door. You’ll need to get the lock replaced if it’s beyond repair. 

The Door Lock is Jammed

One of the most common problems homeowners face regarding their door locks is the lock itself getting jammed. If your key can go into the door lock but it can’t turn, then the lock is jammed. Don’t try to force it- you’ll be risking further damage. Your best bet is to contact Glasgow Glass and Locks.

There are ways to prevent your door lock from getting jammed in the future. Try using a compressed air spray to clear any debris from the keyhole.

Door Knob is Loose

It can be easy to brush this issue under the rug, but a loose doorknob may cause further problems. Often these are problems that you won’t be aware of until it’s too late to fix them. In the long term, a loose doorknob can gradually damage your door’s lock. If you leave the problem long enough then you might end up pulling the doorknob off altogether. 

Depending on the kind of door knob you have, it’ll be possible to fix this issue by yourself. If you can detach the screws on the door knob’s shank, do so. Then, hold it at its opposite side. Turn the doorknob clockwise until it feels like it’s fitting properly, and then tighten the screws again. The doorknob should now be resting on the flat end of the knob’s spindle.

If you have the kind of doorknob where this process won’t be possible, contact Glasgow Glass and Locks. They’ll either repair the knob or replace it with a new one.