Neglecting your windows when they require repairs can lead to more serious problems further down the line. Whatever the problem might be, Glasgow Glass and Locks offer the most efficient window repairs in Glasgow. 

The following article will break down everything you need to know about window repairs and replacements, including the reasons you might need to have your windows repaired.

Window Repairs Glasgow: Reasons You Might Need Window Repairs

It can be hard to miss some of the indicators that your windows need repairs. That’s why it’s important to be aware of all these indicators, so you can spot them before they become a larger problem. 

Damage to the Window

The most obvious reason you’d need a window repaired is if the window was broken. This would usually be the glass of the window, but could also be the frame. It’s important to get the window fixed immediately, regardless of which part is damaged. Neglecting a broken window will not only decrease the heat efficiency of your home but could be dangerous as well. 

Window has Accumulated Mould

Water trapped in the frame of your windows can eventually result in mould (and if you have a wooden frame, rot). If you suspect that your window has accumulated mould, it’s vital that you get it repaired or replaced immediately.

Foggy Window

Usually, condensation on your windows is nothing to worry about and is merely a result of your home’s humidity interacting with the cold of the glass. But too much humidity will mean too much condensation, and too much condensation could mean mould. 

If you’ve noticed that your windows have accumulated permanent condensation, you’ll probably need to get them replaced. There tend to be a couple of short term fixes, but either way, you should be contacting Glasgow Glass and Locks.

Locks Don’t Work

Your windows not locking properly could be a serious safety concern. Even if the window isn’t on the ground floor, you should contact Glasgow Glass and Locks to get the locks fixed. This will grant you the peace of mind required for a good night’s sleep. 

Window Repairs Glasgow: How to Maintain Double Glazed Windows

uPVC windows don’t require much maintenance, but to prevent problems from arising, you might want to give them some attention every now and then. Vacuum the tracks and rails of your windows in order to get rid of any debris. The frames themselves would benefit from being washed with hot, soapy water.

Try to limit the humidity in your home, as this will in turn limit the condensation on your windows. When it comes to the metal parts of your windows, you won’t need to be giving them regular attention. But light machine oil designed for the lubrication of hinges and locks may end up increasing the longevity of your windows. 

None of these tips needs to be carried out regularly. Your uPVC windows will likely last for many years without any maintenance. Still, there’s no harm in taking preventative measures.