Unless it’s some kind of spaceship sliding door, hinges are crucial to the functionality of a door. If the hinges of your door are broken or even just worn, then the door won’t be working properly either. If you suspect that there’s a problem with your door’s hinges that can’t be solved by applying a lubricant, contact Glasgow Glass and Locks for the best hinge repairs in Glasgow. 

Hinge Repairs Glasgow: How to Prevent Hinge Problems

The hinges on your doors can last for many years if you maintain them properly. On a regular basis (or at least every few months), you should be cleaning any of the grime or dirt that might be on the tracks. Clean hinges will last far longer than the alternative. 

Lubricating your door’s hinges regularly will also increase their longevity. Just make sure you’re using a lubricant that was designed specifically for metal parts, like hinges.

You may also want to adjust the friction of the hinges. Bear in mind, though, that if you tighten it too much this could lead to further problems. 

Signs that Your Door Hinges Need Repaired or Replaced

When your door starts to have issues either opening or closing (or both), this tends to be due to wear and tear. It’s an issue that’s ultimately hard to avoid. Regardless of the quality of the hinges, they’re not going to last forever, especially if the door they’re installed on is being opened and closed multiple times per day. 

If applying a lubricant is no longer having any effect on the door’s performance, contact Glasgow Glass and Locks. They’ll either repair the hinges or, in most cases, replace them altogether. 

Are All Door Hinges the Same?

You probably have a specific idea of what door hinges look like in your head, but not all hinges will look like that. They all serve the same purpose, but they achieve this purpose in different ways. 

For example, the hinges of a door inside your house would be unsuitable for a door that leads outside. You also get spring action hinges, which allow a door to open both inwards and outwards. Doors that can be opened wider than the average door would have parliament-wide leaf hinges. 

There are a number of different finishes available for door hinges. Most homeowners tend to go with the finish that most suits their door, and therefore their home’s aesthetic.

Hinge Repairs Glasgow: Other Types of Door Hinges

As well as parliament wide leaf hinges and spring action hinges, there are a number of other types of door hinges. 

One of the most common types of door hinges is the butt hinge. These would usually be used for doors around your home, and they come in many different sizes. 

The hinges used for cabinets, whether they’re kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, would be different from those used on doors. These would be flush hinges. 

For heavier doors, you’d usually be looking at graded hinges. In the home, these would most commonly be used for doors made of solid timber. Outside of the home, you’d probably associate them most with fire doors. It’s actually a legal requirement for fire doors to have these kinds of hinges. 

Tee hinges look very different to modern hinges, but they are still widely available today. They’re often used on gates, but they can also be used for your door to provide your home with a more rustic look.